Download Zestia iOS 10.3/10.2/10/9 No Jailbreak Required

Most of the users don’t want to go for jailbreaking. Because they want to use their device as they are instead of jailbreaking due to security issues. If you don’t want to get apps through cydia. you can use Zestia on iOS 10 without jailbreak.Zestia is a iOS app which allows user to install all jailbreak apps without jailbreaking. Using it, you can install any of your desired third party app on iPhone/iPad easily. In short, it is a great alternative to Cydia. If you don’t know about Zestia, then here you can learn about its installation process. So follow the basic instructions given in this guide.

Zestia iOS


It is not actually a cydia alternative but it can offer you what cydia is capable of without jailbreak. Well this seems to be amazing because getting cydia like apps without jailbreak is not a joke. So here in this article we are sharing some of the cool feature of Zestia for iOS 10.

Important Note: A new version of Zestia (Zestia 11) launched which runs on 32/64 bit iOS devices running on iOS 7 and above versions.

Zestia iOS 10 Features

Have a look at the main features of Zestia for iOS 10 given below:

  • Zestia offers latest tweaks for all the App Store apps. The main different between both of these is that in App Store you have pay for apps. In Zestia app, you will get them for free.
  • It is compatible with almost all iOS 9 and above running versions. So you can use it on your iPad device as well.
  • Because of being identical to cydia, Zestia is called X- Cydia. You can smoothly run it on your iOS device without facing any issue.
  • The installation process of Zestia is pretty simple and anybody can do it. So within few seconds, you can download any of your favorite app you want to download.

Download Zestia iOS 10 No Jailbreak Required

Follow these methods to download Zestia on iOS devices without jailbreak. Lets take a look at them given below:

Install Zestia New Version

  • First we recommend you to remove Zestia app, if you have already installed on your device.
  • Then open safari web browser on your iOS device. Then visit
  • Next you will need to tap on install Zestia blue button. Within few minutes, Zestia profile will get installed on your iOS device. Anytime you can remove this profile if you want. So it is fully secure and easy process.

  • Now you have to tap on Install option showing in Zestia app installer. Again tap on install button and when you see a message showing on screen “Thank you for choosing Zestia”. You have to tap on done.

  • Next go to the home screen of your iOS device and simply launch Zestia app. You will see a blue zestia app icon showing, just tap on it.

Install Zestia Old Version

  • First of all open safari web browser and visit

Note: Keep in mind that Zestia Installer is compatible with Safari browser only.

  • After the page loads, you need to tap on install zestia option showing on screen.

  • Next you will be asked to install profile, thus you need to enter password if you already have one.
  • Then go and tap next button twice and tap install, then install profile and install button again.

  • Once you have done the above steps, the app will get installed on your iPhone/iPad. Next you will redirect to installation page. Now close safari browser and you will find Zestia app on your device home screen. Tap on the app to launch it.

Install Zestia Candice on iOS device

You will be then prompted with installation message showing on screen. Just tap on update zestia button for updating to zestia candice on your iOS device.

Next you will have to install zedia candice profile on your iPhone/iPad device. You can also check the screenshots given below:

  • After Zestia Candice profile is fully installed, you can give a try to Zestia candice app. After opening Zestia Candice for installing apps like Movie Box. You can use such apps for watching TV shows and movies on same device.

Date Loop trick for Zestia 2.0

  • After you have installed the app on your iOS device, it will tell you whether your device requires date loop or not. If no date loop required, it will say no and if required, it will say yes.
  • Before launching the app, make sure you got your iOS device settings. Settings–> General —> Profile & Device Management. Tap on it to see your new profile.
  • Next tap on trust button twice. If date trick is required, then you will have to tap install after finding your desired app.
  • After you try to install the app on your iOS device, you will get failed. So tap o dne button and go to settings. Then general and data and time option.
  • Once you are in section of data and time on your device, simply change from manual to automatic.
  • Now you will have to bring your device data and time back to 2014 or earlier. This time if you tap on install now button, the app will start installing on your iPhone/iPad.

Next go back to your device settings and set the date to automatic. Also authorize the app profile by going to profile & device management. You must have to authorize app profile to make Zestia app run properly on your iPhone/iPad.

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